Lomo de Orza in a can. 850 gr.

  In Extra Virgin Olive Oil, no additives, no gluten and lactoes. Packaged in cans. 850 gr.

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Clean tape without nap pork, fat, etc in OIL EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE with natural spices and herbs

This product has been developed to directly consume cold. If desired can be heated slightly. For submission must cut back the stack of sliced daggerboard. It is essential that once the spine is chopped drizzle with olive oil which is preserved, with this we will ensure that the product is much tastier. The oil for outstanding quality, usable, providing their stews, rice, toast, etc.. an exquisite flavor.

This product, the traditional way has been prepared by THE ZALANDRO the tradition and culture of the people of the mountains north of Granada, La Sagra, Cazorla and Segura. THE ZALANDRO has made a careful selection of each of the natural ingredients of this product to get the quality and taste of the oldest home cooking.

THE ZALANDRO ensures that the oil contained in this product is extra virgin olive oil. It is a vegetable oil "unsaturated". It is scientifically proven that olive oil reduces cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases and protects against coronary heart disease. In contrast to "saturated" fats of animal origin.

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Pork and pine nut stuffing in an almond sauce, Unit. 700 gr.

Pork and pine nut stuffing in an almond sauce, Unit. 700 gr.

INGREDIENTS: pork loin, pine nuts, bread, whole egg, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, Montilla-Moriles fine wine and sea salt. The sauce is made from Marcona almonds, whole tomato and garlic with oil and wine.

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